Campaign Summary:

The year is 890 TE. Seventy-five years ago, armies of Darkspawn burst from the depths of the Deep Roads slaughtering everything in their wake. A High Dragon, now called the Archdemon leads their rampage of terror.

Throughout Thedas, the land has faded to grey. Water has fouled and plants have withered into ash. Black clouds block out the sun. A plague called the Taint spreads and docile animals and peaceful people have become corrupted and violent.

Citizens of Tevinter cry out to their Gods, but they no longer answer the prayers of the people. The Somniari say that even the Golden City has turned black. In fear, the Soporati have rioted, sacking temples and dragging Magisters from their homes. Enraged, the Magisters summoned demons to put the rebels down. The Tevinter Army has drawn back to Minrathous, leaving large parts of the Empire unguarded. Few travel the Imperial Highway and the few who do, are subject to bandits and darkspawn. Trade is scarce. There is even hardly any trade from the Dwarven nations, for all their Thaigs save Kal-Sharok, Gundaar, Orzammar and Hormak were destroyed fifity years ago. Great cities across Thedas seem more like Elven hovels than jewels of the Empire. Some say it is the End of Days.

But some refuse to give up. There is has been a call from the West to gather in the Orthlands. They are determined to figure out how to beat back this Blight, once and for all.


This game is played using Green Ronin’s Dragon Age Core Rulebook which is sold here:

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