Claudia Herathinos

Tevinter Altus Mage - Amanda's PC


Communication – 2
Constitution – 3
Cunning – 2
+ Arcane Lore
+Historical Lore
Dexterity – 0
Magic – 4
+ Arcane Lance
Perception – 1
Strength – 0
Willpower – 3

HP – 29
Mana – 14

Class Powers -
Brawling, Arcane Lance, Lore



**note – portrayed by Deepika Padukone


Name: Claudia Herathinos (née Amladaris)
- Based in Minrathous
- Altus Mage; prepped for Magister seat
- 27 Years Old


Mother: Livia Amladaris; Magister…from Minrathous
Father: Murcio Amladaris; Altus Mage…originally from Qarinus
1st Brother: Regulus Amladaris; Altus Mage
2nd Brother: Dario Amladaris; Altus Mage
3rd Brother: Antony Amladaris; Altus Mage
Half-Brother: Tranquil half-elf (via Father & elf servant)
Great Grandfather: Sethius Amladaris (Corypheus); presumed dead after entering Golden City
Husband: Tarsian Herathinos; Altus Mage…from Qarinus
Son: Paxis Amladaris; 9-years old

Claudia is the fourth child of House Amladaris, and the only daughter. She’s the strongest magic user within the family and thus has been groomed to take her mother’s place in the Magisterium. She has an antagonistic relationship with her 1st and 2nd eldest brothers, but a good relationship with the 3rd (since as children the “heir and the spare” received most of the attention until their magical abilities re-arranged the pecking order).

Great Grandpa Sethius (whom she’s never met) caused a bit of a scandal with the seven other Magister houses that entered the Golden City (800 TE). Claudia has great admiration for his ambition and believes he was a true forward-thinking visionary. She believes that it is only a matter of time until he returns from the Fade alongside the other magisters.

At the age of 16 she married Tarsian Herathinos, who was 33 at the time. They’ve been married for 11 years and have one son (Paxis). Despite being an arranged marriage, Claudia and Tarsian bonded over their mutual interest in history and magic (FOCUS – Arcane Lore and Historical Lore) and have an amicable, if not passionate, marriage. Tarsian is an Altus Mage scholar who travels back and forth from Minrathous and his hometown of Qarinus on a regular basis for studies.

**note – portrayed by Hrithik Roshan

Claudia Herathinos

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