Carinus Verinus

The Leader


Carinus was born in Emerius in 847 TE (He’s 43). In the past decade, he traveled Thedas trying to garner a fighting force against the Darkspawn. He encouraged people to try to figure out how to fix the land in order to combat hunger. He has fought in numerous skirmishes against darkspawn across Thedas, and is known for his relief work. He received the most aid in Orthland. He has called for a gathering of warriors and healers to figure out solutions to Thedas’ problems.

He has three adopted children, Faustus (b 882 TE) Naevius (877 TE) and Merina (b. 871 TE), who he saved from a Darkspawn attack near the Tevinter countryside in 882 TE

Carinus Verinus

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