Dragon Age: The First Blight

Session 1: On the Road

Session Date: January 16th, 2016
Attended: Amanda, Andy, John, Sara (1st hour)
XP GIven: 950XP

The group joined the last caravan of the year heading out from Vol Dorma toward the Eastern coast city of Laysh. It was a large caravan of approximately 150+ members, including travelers, traders, mercenaries and slaves. The caravan master, a laconic dwarf named Florek Tasani, asked no questions about the members of this caravan as long as they had the money to afford supplies and the travel fee, helped out with work and didn’t complain about the grueling pace he set for them.

They were a few skirmishes in the first few days, mainly between a lone elf, Sevahn and the guards of a prestigious Tevinter Altus named Claudia. Around sunset, after ten days of travel, Florek lead the caravan to a small town of approximately 500 people called ______________ to do some trading as well as trade with a nearby temple. Absolute silence met the travelers as they neared the town. A few volunteers, including Claudia, her elven slaveAemilia, Sevahn and an Avaar named________________________ decided to go into the town to investigate. As they approached the town the smell of death hit them. The entire town had been slaughtered and left for dead by Darkspawn. Part of the ground in the town had been infected by the Taint. One victim, a woman with long dark hair, stood out to the travelers; it appeared that she had summoned some sort of demon in a blood magic ritual to protect her children and elven servant inside her home. The demon was nowhere to be seen, but a trail of scorched earth led out of the town into the forest.

Upon investigating her home, the group found a small altar dedicated to the Tevinter Gods and a small prayer book. Claudia took the prayer book and ________________ decided to take a inscribed prayer bowl made of gold and lazurite. The group decided to burn down the town to prevent the Taint from spreading, and returned to the caravan to gather supplies just as night fell.

As they approached the caravan, all the citizens of the city, now an army of enraged corpses, followed. Between the leadership of ____________________ and the Mercenary Captain, Decimus Saren, they formulated a plan that allowed some of the caravan members to get away while they held off the undead horde. Sevahn was severely injured during the fighting, which grew so severe that the group decided to retreat to the nearby temple. As the corpses fed on the people and bronto that didn’t manage to escape, the group reached the temple and attempted to barracade it to give themselves at least a chance to survive the onslaught.

After a few hours of rest to heal their injuries, Claudia and Sevahn explored the upper rooms of the temple and _____________________ explored the basement. The head cleric of the temple, now a ghoul and infected with the taint, emerged and was quickly killed. In the basement, a hole lined with claw marks was found.



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